Onion and vegetable cutter

An assistive device that quickly and easily cuts onions and other vegetables – suitable for persons who lack active hand function

Onion and vegetable cutter
Onion and vegetable cutter

The onion slicer consists of two moving parts. The knife blade is in the upper part, is well protected, and consists of a grate of thin blades (6 mm high). The lower part has a removable plastic screen for easy cleaning. A small model is also available for chopping garlic.

Model: Alligator Slicer

Technique: put the peeled onion in place, press the upper part of the chopper with a closed fist. The onion chopper is safe and reduces the risk of the user being cut.

Users comments
The onion chopper can be used for onions, apples, potatoes, etc. It is easy to use, the juice does not splatter and it is easy to clean, nor can the user get hurt. It is designed so that if the user’s hand should manage to come between the two moving parts, it will only come in contact with the plastic.

Purchased from
Housewares store or varsam.se (in Sweden) (last checked July 2020)

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The user

Lower part with removable grate
Lower part with removable grate

Tipsare: Ragge

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