Plastic container used as chamber pot

Plastic container and custom-built lift on wheelchair replace an accessible toilet

The user is suspended in the wheelchair lift; a plastic container stands on the wheelchair seat under her.
User in wheelchair lift with plastic container

Ordinary mixing bowl.

Users comments
Bathroom visits have always been a problem for the user when she was out. In the past she always brought her mobile floor lift. The problem was that the floor lift was in the car, which was sometimes parked far away. Now she uses her custom-built lift (see associated tip) and a large mixing bowl which is fits in an IKEA bag. A great relief for her.

Purchased from
Department store

Paid for by
The user

Whose idea
The user and her husband’s

Plastic container
Plastic container

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Mobile toilet
A folding lift attached to the wheelchair makes bathroom visits possible anywhere – suitable for women with extensive disabilities.
Lift strap
Lift strap
Narrow lift straps facilitate bathroom visits for people with extensive disabilities.
Straps for easy transfers with lift
Straps for easy transfers with lift
Leather strap that holds hands together facilitates transfers for people without arm/hand function.

Tipsare: Helena

Helena lives together with her husband and two teenage children in a house. She is working part time (75%). Since birth she has a muscular disease with symtoms similar to a high spinal cord lesion. She has personal assistance 24 hours a day.