Reduce muscle pain in arms using techniques such as voice control of computer

A variety of techniques help the user to keep pain manageable

Picture by Richard Levi, Spinalis Handbook, 1999
Picture by Richard Levi, Spinalis Handbook, 1999

1. Daily eccentric training (patient received an exercise program from her physical therapist).
2. At the end of each shower she rinses her arms with alternating hot and ice cold water, finishing with ice cold.
3. Pain medicine (low dose).
4. Voice control for computer to reduce use of arms.

Users comments
The user has gradually developed increasing arm pain (not her shoulders). The pain began as tennis elbow and then spread throughout her forearms and upper arms. The muscles are often tense and full of knots.

Tipsare: Ylva

Ylva is living in an apartment and is working part time. Since 1974 she has a tetraplegia.