Used to treat tight muscles and as sex aid – suitable for persons with spinal cord injury
Different models of massagers
Different models of massagers

There a lot of different massagers on the market. The user has to make an individual choice.

One example is the massager on picture below, a massager with ergonomic soft handle used for tight muscles and as a sex aid. The device has a fully adjustable speed control that makes it possible to adjust the massage strength to individual needs. It comes with 3 massage heads with various degrees of hardness for gentle, medium, and intensive massage.

Users comments
An ordinary muscle massager can be used as a sex aid. Generally speaking men need the highest frequency, woman with sensitivity the lowest. You have to test.

The user recommends massagers with electric cord. They last longer than battery-run appliances. The model on picture 2 is unfortunately extremely heavy, though it is one of the few currently available with an electric cord.
Battery-run massagers are easier to take along.

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User massages neck with Deep Muscle Massage massager
User massages neck with Deep Muscle Massage massager

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