Transfer from wheelchair to a minivan

Transfer technique into a minivan using sliding doors – suitable for wheelchair users with strong arms

User moves from wheelchair to car (video)

The user opens the driver’s door and the sliding door in back. He positions himself at an angle to the passenger door, brakes the chair by placing his thumb between the tire and the drive ring, places his legs in the car and pulls himself up by using his right hand to hold on to the handle that sits above the doorway of the car while simultaneously pushing up with his left arm.
To bring the wheelchair into the car he sits with his legs outwards, hooks his left arm around the headrest for balance, places the wheelchair with the drive wheels against the door, rolls it up stepwise with his right arm and finally receives it with his left arm.

Users comments
The technique is useful with a minivan that has sufficiently wide sliding doors on the side. The car seats between the rows have to be removed. Sliding doors that automatically open and close make the task easier. The lower the car, the easier it is to carry out this technique. The wheelchair does not have to be dismantled.

Whose idea
The user

User moves into the car

User moves into the car

Author: Vigand

Vigand arbetar heltid. Han har en paraplegi.

Type of disability

Low paraplegia (Th11-S1)

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