Magnetic grip

Magnets of different strengths sewn into wheelchair gloves - suitable for individuals with impaired handfunctions

The use of the magnetic grip (film)

Magnets of different strengths and sizes are sewn into the user’s wheelchair gloves. The thickness of the magnet can be between 5-10 mm, the diameter between 5-25 mm. The magnets are sewn in with a durable special fabric (kevlar fabric).
Applications: open boxes, eat, pick up items, etc.

The user has several pairs of gloves with magnets in different strengths. For the most part, he has a strong magnet for his stronger arm, for the other arm he often uses several less powerful magnets, to grab lighter things. He also has magnets with hooks on which he uses to lift heavier bags.

In the user’s home, all handles on boxes and wardrobes are steel (not aluminum), which is usually standard, otherwise there are steel handles at IKEA.

He has also adapted other items, for example, extendable cutting boards and drawers without handles with thin metal plates (glued with super glue), in order to be able to open them with the magnetic grip. He also usually puts thin metal pieces in, for example, cigarette packages and bags to be able to pick them up.

When he isn’t using the gloves he attaches them to the frame of his wheelchair.

Users comments
The user usually orders a number of magnets and packs them individually in paper in order to more easily tell them apart and to avoid injury.

For more information contact the user through The user has a patent. When using the patent idea, please make a donation to the Spinalis Foundation.

Stefan Borg, OT Center, Stockholm

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Wheelchair gloves with multiple sewn-in magnetic grips in different sizes.

Wheelchair gloves with magnetic grip in different sizes

The user with a wheelchair glove with a sewn-in magnet.

User with wheelchair glove with strong magnetic grip

Wheelchair glove attached to wheelchair frame

Wheelchair glove attached to wheelchair frame

Drawer in kitchen with steel plate attached

Drawer in kitchen with steel plate attached

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