Accessible entrance

An aluminum frame and a platform elevator make an apartment building from the turn of the last century accessible for wheelchair users.

Ramp in front of entrance
Ramp in front of entrance

There is an aluminum frame with a platform in front of the entry door. The ramp is parallel to the house, the platform is secured with a railing. Inside the hall are two steps that lead to the elevator. A platform elevator is installed there.
The elevator has an automatic hinged platform, ramp portion and two guard booms. The rails are mounted directly on the wall.

Users comments
Sometimes it can be difficult to get a permit from the town planning office to install a ramp on the sidewalk, but there was no problem in this case because the sidewalk is so wide.

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Rampus, (ramp in Sweden), (elevator), last checked June 2020

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This tip is from 2007

Platform elevator, folded against wall
Platform elevator, folded against wall

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