Adapted forceps for using microlax

Individually adapted forceps – an assistive device to enable persons with impaired hand function to take care of bowel management without assistance

Adapted forceps with microlax tube in holder

Adapted forceps with microlax tube in holder

The user uses an adapted forceps (25 cm) to insert the tip of the tube into the anus. The forceps handle is enlarged with plastic. The grip portion is modified so that one side consists of a holder for the microlax tube and the other is a small plate, shaped to fit the microlax tube. The user squeezes the forceps to empty the contents of the microlax tube.

In order to insert the microlax with the forceps, the user sits on the toilet seat with the wheelchair in front him. He places one leg up on the wheelchair. He squeezes the forceps together with both hands. Afterwards he takes paper and removes the tube from the holder.

Users comments
The microlax forceps needed to be adjusted several times before it worked well. The tube has to stands at the exactly right angle. The holder for the tube has to be tight enough so that the tube does not come loose.

Made by
Hjälpmedelcentralen (assistive device center), based on the user’s drawings

Purchased from
Healthcare supplies (forceps)

Paid for by
County Council

Whose idea
The user

Microlax tube in holder (close-up)

Microlax tube in holder (close-up)

Author: Anonym 11

Personen har en tetraplegi med delvis armfunktion.

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