Adapted joystick for Permobil

Joystick appropriate for persons with impaired dexterity.

Padded cradle on Permobil joystick. (close-up)
Padded cradle on Permobil joystick. (close-up)

The joystick has a cradle that is padded with hard foam rubber. The user operates the Permobil by placing his hand sideways in the cradle, thumb side up.

Users comments
Modifying the joystick enables the user to drive more safely; he can also wear mittens while driving.

Made by
Hjälpmedelcentralen (assistive device center)

Paid for by
County council

Whose idea
The user

This tip is from 2005

Tipsare: Pasi

The person lives in an apartment and works part time. He was injured in 1996 and has a high tetraplegia (C5). He has personal assistance 24 hours a day.