Bus system for electrical installations

The bus system makes it possible to control all electrical functions in the house from one transmitter; suitable for persons with extensive disabilities

Programmable wall outlets

Programmable wall outlets

Almost all electrical installations in the user’s house are integrated in one overarching system, the bus system. The system is programmable and can be controlled with a transmitter (see associated tip). Each room also has programmable wall contacts (see photo 1) that can control the electricity in the rest of the house. Wall contacts in the bedroom control functions such as the ceiling lamp and window opener, but you can also turn out all the lights in the house and control the outdoor lighting.

A large distribution board is located on the bottom floor of the house (photo 3) from which the bus system can be programmed. A technician must do this.

Users comments
The system is extremely expensive and the user is not sure that the installation was worth it. The electrician has to be a specialist in the Bus System in order to take care of it. He wonders what will happen in 5 or 6 years if the system begins to have problems; the technology and/or the same supplier might not still be around.

The user feels extremely dependent on electricity, though to date he has not had a power outage/cut.

Made by
Siemens, installed by Black Box

Paid for by
Partly local government partly the user

Four wall outlets

Wall outlet

Distribution box with many automatic fuses

Distribution box

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