Computer workstation

A computer workstation for persons who use their head to control the computer.

User at computer workstation
User at computer workstation

Computer workstation with screen-based keyboard and head mouse. The transmitter is a small self-adhesive reflector which sits on the user and the receiver sits on top of the screen. The receiver reads the movements of the reflector and moves the mouse cursor in the same way. The mouse clicks with an automatic click. Next to the screen is a document holder that can also be used to make notes by holding a pen in the mouth.
Head mouse model: Head mouse Extreme from Rehab Center

Users comments
Conny is essentially satisfied with this form of control. He can move to the workstation unassisted and begin to write. He feels it is important to have an assistant who is good at computers.

Purchased from
Origin Instruments, (last checked March 2017).

Paid for by
County council (head mouse) and user

Editors comments
You can download other virtual keybords, for example ‘OnScreenKeys’, (last checked Febr. 2017).

This tip is from 2005

Document holder
Document holder

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Tipsare: Conny

Conny lives in a house together with his daughters. He is working part time. In 1994 he was injured and he has a high lesion (C4). He has personal assistance 24 hours a day, 3,5 hours a day he has two persons assisting him.