Custom tailored skirt

Custom tailored skirt for Susanne, who uses a wheelchair.

Custom tailored skirt with high back

Custom tailored skirt with high back

The skirt is sewn according to a custom fitted pattern. It is higher in back and fits when sitting. The zipper opens and closes using a fabric loop in matching colors. Half of the length of the front of the skirt is pleated. The back features sewn-in pleats with elastic fabric.

Users comments
The skirt fits well. The elastic inserts in back prevent the skirt from becoming too tight. Only half the length of the skirt is pleated, so the skirt fits nicely while giving the impression of being pleated.

How to make
Please see (last checked July 2020) to learn how to make your own pattern.
Tip for persons with poor hand function: use iron-on tape for hems; no pins needed. (Idea: Meagan, Fashion Freaks)

Made by
Fashion Freaks, (last checked July 2020)

Paid for by
The user

Whose idea
Susanne Berg; Design Meagan Whellans

User opens zipper with fabric loop

User opens zipper with fabric loop

Author: Susanne

Susanne bor i lägenhet och studerar och arbetar som frilans (heltid). Hon skadade sig 1982 och har en hög ryggmärgskada (C5). Genom handkirurgi fick hon ett pinchgrepp i vä hand. Hon har personlig assistans genom LASS. Efter tipsinsamlingen har hon flyttat till en ny lägenhet.

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