Positioning cushions in bed

Positioning cushions to lie comfortably, improve circulation and prevent decubitus ulcers – suitable for persons with extensive disabilities

User lying on back with lower legs on square pillow, long narrow wedge pillow angled towards feet
User lies on back with legs on psoas cushion and support cushion angled towards feet

The user has various positioning cushions in bed at night:
– Psoas cushion when she lies on her back
– A long narrow wedge cushion (support cushion) to position her feet when she is on her back with the psoas cushion
– Wedge cushion, under back when she lies on her side

Users comments
High position with psoas cushion increases circulation when she lies on her back. The wedge cushion helps her maintain a stable position when she lies on her side.

Purchased from
for example jarven.se (last checked March 2020).

Psoas cushion with support cushion for feet
Psoas cushion with support cushion for feet

Wedge cushion for back
Wedge cushion for back

Tipsare: Nina

Nina lives in an apartment. She is working part time. She was injured in 1996 and has a high tetraplegia (C4). She is a ventilator user. She has two personal assistants 24 hours a day.