Small lightweight coffee table

The coffee table is lightweight and easy to move - suitable for wheelchair users
User holds up coffee table with one hand
User holds up coffee table with one hand

Model: “Lack” end table from Ikea

Users comments
The user is the father of small children. He wants to be able to access every corner of the house where the children are and where they throw things. It is important for him to be able to move furniture easily when it is in the way. This lightweight table works very well for this purpose.

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IKEA, (last checkedFebruary 2021)

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The user

Whose idea
The user

Author: Robert

Robert bor tillsammans med hustru och tre barn i en villa. Han arbetar heltid. Han skadade sig 2003 och har en låg paraplegi (L1). Ingen assistans.

Type of disability

Low paraplegia (Th11-S1)

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