Transfer from bed to wheelchair

Transfer technique for wheelchair users who have strong arms

User transfers from bed to wheelchair
User transfers from bed to wheelchair

The user turns in bed by grasping something, such as the wheelchair, so that he looks toward the wheelchair. He positions one arm under his body and supports himself on it so that he comes up to a half-seated position. He places his legs down one after the other so that he winds up in a sitting position with both feet on the floor. He grasps the wheelchair frame with one hand, and places the other on the bed close to his hip. He transfers over to the wheelchair and straightens up.

This tip is from 2008

User transfers from bed to wheelchair

Tipsare: Eje

Eje lives together with his wife and two small children in a house. He is working part time. In 1999 he was injured and he has a high paraplegia (TH 9). He does not need any assistance.