Transfer from wheelchair to bed

Transfer technique for persons with high tetraplegia

User transfers from wheelchair to bed

The user positions himself at about a 45-degree angle to the bed and locks the wheelchair. He moves the outer foot forward somewhat so that it does not fasten in the foot bar during the transfer. He transfers by hooking one elbow in the driving handle and moving the leg forward by grasping it under the knee with the other arm.
Then he uses both hands to grasp the middle of the grip rings, leans forward and lifts himself so that he is first sitting on the wheel. He moves his hands, supports himself with one hand on the middle of the wheelchair seat and with the other on the bed and transfers over leaning forward onto the edge of the bed. He sits up.
In order to bring his legs over he supports himself with his outer hand on the wheelchair handle and places his forearm under one leg. He leans diagonally backward toward the bed and lifts his leg up with both hands. Then he grasps the other leg under the knee first with the opposite arm, then with the other arm, to bring this leg over. The user ends up on his side with bent legs.
He sits up and moves to the middle of the bed by supporting himself on his extended arms. He straightens his legs.

Users comments
The brakes on the Panthera wheelchair are maneuvered on either side. If the user transfers in the direction on which the brake lever is located, it is difficult to reach.
Transferring by first sitting on the wheel is a technique that the user learned over the years. The alternative is to move forward in the chair before the transfer. But since the user easily slides back on the cushion during the transfer he feels it is easier to sit on the wheel first. However, it is very important to lift yourself over the wheels and not pull yourself across to avoid scrapes.

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The user

User transfers from wheelchair to bed

User transfers from wheelchair to bed

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