USB memory with medical information

Accessible medical information suitable for people with specific diagnoses and medical care needs

USB memory on keychain
USB memory on keychain

USB memory with important medical information about the user. The USB memory is attached to the key chain.

Users comments
The user has a rare diagnosis and may require hospitalization quickly. The user feels secure when she has the USB memory with her when she travels. If she should have to go to a hospital all information about her and her diagnosis is accessible to the doctors. The information includes contact data about her attending doctor so that he can be contacted as needed.
The user used to have the USB memory on her keychain, but now moved it because she does not want to carry her house keys and her address in the same place in case she should lose the keys.

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USB memory
USB memory

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Tipsare: Caroline

Caroline lives in an apartment and is working. She has a congenital disease (Ehlers-Danlos syndrom) which gives her fluctuating problems and pain in all her joints. Since 2000 she is using a wheelchair outdoors. She has homehelp 27 hours a month.