Widening doorway

A method to widen a doorway in tight spaces – suitable for wheelchair users

User drives through the door
User drives through the door

The lower portion of the door frame is separated from the rest of the door frame and attached again with hinges. In order to come through the door the user folds out the door frame portion that sits on hinges, which widens the doorway.

How to make
Open the door and use a saw to cut a horizontal track in the door frame above and below at the appropriate height. Then saw a vertical track and remove the door frame portion, attach hinges to it and screw the door frame portion back in place.

Made by
User’s father

Whose idea
The user

Closed door
Closed door

Tipsare: Gunnar

Gunnar lives together with his wife, he has two grownup children. He is working as a poliseman. He is on the board of Rekryteringsgruppen (organization of persons with spinal cord injuries).