Workroom with computer workstation

Workroom with computer workstation for a person who controls the computer with a head mouse

Work table with space for knees, manually adjustable height.
Work table with space for knees, manually adjustable height.

The workroom has an automatic door opener and electric window opener. The height of the work table can be manually adjusted.

The computer is controlled with a head mouse. He uses WiVik and Dragger software applications. WiVik is a screen-based keyboard. Dragger is a program for automatic timed click with the right and left mouse button.

Users comments
The user also has VoiceXpress, a speech recognition program, see, last checked March 2017. He does not use it because he does not have a wireless headset that works; therefore he cannot leave the workplace without help. He does not use speech recognition since the existing system works well enough.

Paid for by
County Council (software), the user (work table)

Editors comments
You can download other virtual keybords, for example ‘OnScreenKeys’, see (last checked Febr. 2017) is now selling wireless microphones for VoiceXpress (last checked March 2017). The user has not yet tested it.

Another possibility is to use a desktop microphone, for example Logitech Desktop Microphone which has an USB-connection, see also (last checked Feb 2011).

This tip is from 2006

Tipsare: Martin

Martin lives together with his wife in a house. He is working part time. He was injured in 2000 and has a high tetraplegia (C4). He has personal assistance 24 hours a day.