Reflectors for controlling head mouse

Reflectors from Panduro Hobby are less expensive and better for controlling the head mouse than the accompanying reflectors

Sheet of reflectors in packaging from a hobby shop.

Sheet of reflectors

Charts with self-adhesive reflectors are sold for the head mouse. The reflectors are expensive and can only be used once. An alternative is self-adhesive reflectors that can be purchased in hobby stores.

Users comments
The user goes through 2 – 3 reflectors per day. The reflectors from the hobby store can be cut into many individual reflectors and are much less expensive than the reflectors that come with the head mouse. They work very well, even somewhat better since they can be cut a little larger.

Purchased from
For example Hobby Store

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The user

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The user

User with reflector on nose.

User with reflector on nose

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Author: Kalle

Kalle bor i en lägenhet och studerar på deltid. Han skadade sig 2001 och har en hög tetraplegi (C4). Han har personlig assistans dygnet rund, därav 4 timmar dubbelbemanning.

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