Use of computer with head mouse in bed

Custom-made laptop table for use in bed – highly appreciated assistive device for persons who control the computer with a head mouse

Laptop with head mouse on special-made table on stand above the bed.

Laptop with head mouse on special table in bed

The laptop sits on a custom-made table attached to the bed frame with a stand. The table has small edges so the computer cannot slide down. The computer is controlled with a head mouse that has a custom-made holder and sits above the computer. Software applications are WiVik and Dragger.

WiVik is a screen-based keyboard, see (last checked March 2020). Dragger is a program for automatic timed click with the right and left mouse button, see (last checked March 2020).

Users comments
The user feels that the computer table is one of the best assistive devices he has. Because of problems with pressure ulcers he does sometimes works from home. He works sitting or semi-reclining in bed. He has a wireless network. The work takes a little longer since the table is somewhat unstable. The slightest vibrations disturb the head mouse.

Made by
Sodexho Hjälpmedelservice (Assistive device services), Stockholm

Paid for by
County Council

Editors comments
You can download other virtual keybords, for example ‘OnScreenKeys’, see (last checked March 2020)

Head mouse receiver attached to laptop screen.

Laptop with head mouse on special table in bed

Special-made table with small edges..

Special table with stand

Attachment of stand to bed frame

Attachment of stand to bed frame

Author: Martin

Martin bor ihop med hustru i en villa. Han arbetar deltid. Han skadade sig 2000 och har en hög ryggmärgsskada (C4). Han har personlig asistans dygnet rund.

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