Custom modification to control computer with head mouse

The reflector that controls the head mouse is glued to a small clothes pin

User with glasses, a small clothpin with reflector on the glasses.
Clothespin with reflector on the user’s eyeglasses

The equipment to control the computer with the head mouse consists of a small self-adhesive reflector that is attached somewhere on the user’s face, an eyeglass frame, or other locations on the body, and a receiver that is positioned above the screen. In this modification the reflector is glued to a small clothespin. The reflector is larger than the clothespin, so a small plastic disc is placed under it.

Users comments
Once the self-adhesive reflectors (which are expensive) are used they no longer stick and then they are easily lost. Therefore Conny glued the reflector to a small clothespin. The clothespin sits on the user’s eyeglasses. Now he can easily put it on and take it off.

Made by
Jonas, Conny’s assistant

Whose idea
Conny Örnesved

Editors comments
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Small clothespin with reflector (close-up)
Clothespin with reflector (close-up)

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