Typing sticks for typing on computer

Assistive device for persons with impaired dexterity

Typing sticks with splint on dorsal wrist

Typing sticks with splint on dorsal wrist

A universal strap is attached to a narrow splint positioned on the dorsum of the wrist. The splint is attached solely by means of the universal strap, which goes around the palm. A rubber-tipped carbon fiber rod sits in the universal strap.

Users comments
At first the splint was also attached with a strap to the forearm. Now the user manages without that strap. The rubber tip on the carbon fiber rod prevents the stick from slipping on the keys.

Made by
OT-Center, Danderyd Hospital, Stockholm, Sweden

Paid for by
County council

The user's hand with the writing stick attached. The palm of the hand is visible, where the stick is attached to the universal band.

Use of writing stick viewed from palmar aspect of hand

User's hand with writing stick attached. The back of the hand with the slim dorsal wrist splint is visible.

Use of writing stick seen from dorsal aspect of hand

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