Computer workstation

Individually adapted computer workstation – suitable for people with extensive disabilities

Computer workstation with a trackball mouse on a long table mount, adjustable in several joints.

Computer workstation with trackball mouse on holder attached to the table

Helena controls her computer using ‘OnScreenKeys’ and an adapted trackball mouse, see associated tip, as well as with VoiceXpress.

‘OnScreenKeys’ is a downloadable on-screen keyboard, that works in many different languages, see also picture below, (last checked March 2020). The mouse sits on a holder attached to the table, see associated tip, and is operated with the mouth and lips.

VoiceXpress is a dictation program that uses voice commands to control all of the most common computer applications. After training the computer understands what is said and translates the information into letters and numbers. The more the program is used, the greater the accuracy and users can achieve 96 percent voice recognition accuracy. The text can be read aloud. Headset with microphone included. Helena bought her own microphone instead. It sits attached to the same holder as the mouse.

Users comments
The idea and implementation for the computer workstation came from Helena and her husband. Helena is extremely satisfied. Since she can’t put on a headset by herself she is particularly satisfied with the fact that the microphone does not sit on a headset, but sits on the same holder as the mouse. Now she can begin to work without needing to ask for help.

Purchased from
Computer store, in Sweden: XnX Data AB, (VoiceXpress); (last checked March 2020)

Paid for by
The user

Whose idea
Helena and her husband’s

Table mount with trackball mouse facing Helena's chin. On the computer screen in front of her is an on-line keyboard.

Helena controls the computer with ‘OnScreensKeys’ and mouse

Microphone for VoiceXpress on the same holder as trackball mouse.

Microphone for VoiceXpress on same holder as mouse

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Mounting arm for trackball mouse
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Author: Helena

Helena bor tillsammans med sin make och två tonårsbarn i en villa. Hon arbetar 75%. Sedan födsel har hon en sjukdom (spinal muskelatrofi) motsvarande en hög ryggmärgsskada. Hon har personlig assistans dygnet runt.

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