Custom-built desk

Custom-built desk for persons with limited reach.



Desk stands in a bay window and is custom-built to fit that space. The table top consists of a sheet of wood; the table is about 50 cm deep and of fixed height. Pull-out storage baskets located under the workspace.

Users comments
Susanne chose a narrow table top, in order to be able to reach everything on the surface. Nothing should be able to slide backward and disappear out of her reach.

How to make
Saw two IKEA tabletops to size; join them with an iron plate underneath. Use adjustable table legs; screw them in place. Attach glides for storage baskets.

Made by
Susanne Berg

Purchased from
For example IKEA, (last checked July 2020)

Paid for by
The user

Whose idea
Susanne Berg

Pull-out baskets (close-up)

Pull-out baskets

User pulls out a basket

User pulls out a basket

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Author: Susanne

Susanne bor i lägenhet och studerar och arbetar som frilans (heltid). Hon skadade sig 1982 och har en hög ryggmärgskada (C5). Genom handkirurgi fick hon ett pinchgrepp i vä hand. Hon har personlig assistans genom LASS. Efter tipsinsamlingen har hon flyttat till en ny lägenhet.

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