Handheld computer with touchscreen – easy to use for people with disabilities

User is sitting in front of his iPad, which is on a table stand, he has a stick in his mouth.

User writes with a mouth stick and iPad

A thin, lightweight handheld computer (0.68 kg and 1.34 cm thin); used for e-mail, surfing on the Internet, as a calendar, for Skype, to draw and write, listen to music and look at photos, video, play games, etc.
There is no top or bottom. It is designed to display the content depending on how whether it is hold vertically or horizontally.

Users comments
It was difficult for the user to control the iPad with his fingers, so he developed a specially adapted mouth stick that works very well for him, see associated tip. He always has the iPad with him and uses it a lot. It stands on a table easel or a book holder on the wheelchair table.

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Adapted stick for iPhone and iPad
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Author: Ilias

Ilias var artist och arbetade för MFPA (Mouth foot painting artists). Han har en hög tetraplegi (C 4/5), avliden.

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