Amazon Echo Dot

A voice controlled device used as an environmental control, to play music, to surf on the internet, and more

Picture from Echo Dot from Amazon with the following text: 'What is Amazon Echo Dot? 
Play your favorite music
Order takeaway from Just Eat
Voice-control your home
Request rides from Uber
Get newsand weather updates'
Echo Dot, picture from

Amazon Echo is a voice-controlled interface which uses Alexa. Through the wireless network it can control plenty of features in your home, like to turn on/switch of the lights, switches, thermostats, to listen to Amaxon music unlimited (much like Spotify). You can ask it questions and get news or sports updates, it can be used as an alarm and much more. The device can easily be used by anybody. This device can even pick up your voice whilst playing music. It is possible to purchase things by voice (as long as you have an account with Amazon).
Like a smart Phone the device is constantly learning and improving and adding new skills.

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