Write using a pen in a universal strap

An easy-flowing pen in universal strap makes writing easier for people with impaired hand function

The user writes with a pen in a universal band that fits around the palm of the hand. The pen sticks out on the little finger side.

User writes with pen in universal strap

When the user writes by hand he uses the universal strap and an easy-flowing pen. He needs help to remove/replace the cap of the pen.

Users comments
No pressure is needed to write with an easy-flowing pen.

Purchased from
In Sweden: Swereco, swereco.se (universal strap, called ‘bestickhållare HållOm’), last checked November 2020.

Pen in universal strap (close-up)

Pen in universal strap

Author: Anonym 23

Personen hade en hög tetraplegi, är avliden.

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