Customized wheelchair table

Wheelchair table enables a person with impaired arm and hand function to eat, read and write

The user with wheelchair table on stand in low position

Wheelchair table on stand in low position

The wheelchair table is made of a plexiglas sheet attached to the user’s “third hand” (see associated tip). A key ring is positioned so the user can pick up the table himself. Since the stand is telescopic and fully adjustable the table can be used at different heights. The table can also be moved back and forth since the stand is linked to the wheelchair’s leg support and its motors.

Applications and technique:
– to write short notes: adjust table to high position; use mouth stick .
– to eat: adjust table to low position; use special flatware (see associated tip)
– to read: adjust table to low position; place one hand on the table to hold book open.

Users comments
The table is conveniently stored to allow the user to get it and put it on the stand himself. It does not take up any room and is easy to bring along.

It serves as a dining table for the user when he eats out and cannot come under the table or when he is out in the garden.

He developed the idea of using the table as a reading table when he was on Tenerife. It was important for him to be able to read, but it was too windy and he had problems holding the book open. He realized he could place the hand that he otherwise hardly uses on the book. This does not work at an ordinary table because the table must be extremely close to the body to be able to place a hand on it.

How to make
Made of a 5 mm thick sheet of Plexiglas. A tray is attached to the sheet of Plexiglas onto which a rod is welded that fits in the user’s “third hand”, (see related tip).
Anti-slip material is attached to the tray; in the center of the tray is a key ring that enables the user to grip the tray and set it in the stand.

Made by
A friend of the user, made according to the user’s instructions

Paid for by
The user

Whose idea
The user

The user with wheelchair table on stand in high position

Wheelchair table on stand in high position

User places wheelchair table on stand

User places wheelchair table on stand

User has a key ring to hold the wheelchair table

User has a key ring to hold the wheelchair table

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