Custom penholder for mouth painting

Flexible holder for pen/pencil/brush – suitable for people who draw/paint with their mouth

The user draws with the mouth with the special extension stick.User draws with special extension

User draws with special extension

The penholder consists of an adapted extension (see associated tips), parts of a compass and a holder for a pen/pencil/brush.

Users comments
It is very important to hold the pen at the right angle when drawing or painting by mouth. With this penholder the user can adapt the angle by pressing the pen against the pad or easel.
He can also independently turn the pen completely and use the eraser.

When he draws for a long time it becomes heavy. He is working on designing a forehead stick. The problem is that he has ideas, but he has not found a technician to implement them.

Made by
The user’s assistants

Paid for by
The user

Whose idea
The user

User erases with special extension

User erases with special extension

Special extension stick, consisting of a pencil extender, parts of compass with a single-joint and a holder for a pencil (close-up)

Special extension

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Author: Ilias

Ilias var artist och arbetade för MFPA (Mouth foot painting artists). Han har en hög tetraplegi (C 4/5), avliden.

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