Adapted sliding board

Sliding board with extra anti-slip material

User lifts leg and puts sliding board in place
User lifts leg and puts sliding board in place

Extra anti-slip strips are glued to the bottom of the sliding board.

Sliding board model: Easyslide

Users comments
Especially during steep transfers upwards it is important for the board to sit in place just at the edge. The disadvantage is that it is more difficult to put the board in place under the body. The user’s solution is to lift up one leg and place the board on the cushion instead of pushing it in.

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Whose idea
The user

Bottom of sliding board
Bottom of sliding board

Tipsare: Mikael

Mikael lives together with his partner in an apartment. He is working parttime. He was injured in 2008 and has a tetraplegia (C5-6). He has personal assistance 30 hours a week.