Colorful wheelchair

Wheelchair color that matches clothing

User sitting in a green wheelchair
User sitting in a green wheelchair

The user painted her wheelchair so it matches her clothing.

Users comments
The user received her wheelchair from the Social Insurance Agency as a work-related assistive device, which means she owns the chair and can do what she wants with it.

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Powder coating company

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The user

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Editors comments
In Sweden are wheelchairs received through Hjälpmedelcentralerna (assistive device centers) on loan and the color cannot be changed. However, some assistive device centers do not take back wheelchairs after a certain number of years, in which case the color of the wheelchair may be changed.

Tipsare: Caroline

Caroline lives in an apartment and is working. She has a congenital disease (Ehlers-Danlos syndrom) which gives her fluctuating problems and pain in all her joints. Since 2000 she is using a wheelchair outdoors. She has homehelp 27 hours a month.