Elevator and elevator buttons

Control elevator with wheelchair footrests/front wheels – an option for people without arm/hand function

Helena in the lift, the lift buttons are far down in height with the front wheels/footplates of the wheelchair.
Helena in elevator; she presses elevator button with wheelchair frontwheel

Helena lives in a two-story house with an elevator. The elevator buttons sit at a suitable height so she can control the elevator with the wheelchair footrests or front wheels.

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Motala hiss

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Whose idea
The user and her husband’s

Elevator from inside with buttons far down.
Elevator with buttons at height of wheelchair wheel/footrest

Elevator from outside. Helan presses the elevator button with the wheelchair footplate, which is far down.
Helena presses the “down” button in elevator with wheelchair footrest

Helena in the lift, pressing the lift button with a front wheel.
Helena in elevator; she presses elevator button with front wheel

Tipsare: Helena

Helena lives together with her husband and two teenage children in a house. She is working part time (75%). Since birth she has a muscular disease with symtoms similar to a high spinal cord lesion. She has personal assistance 24 hours a day.