Hand sprayer as mobile shower

A hand sprayer makes it easier to wash genital area – suitable for people with disabilities

5-litre bottle-shaped pressure container with pump handle on top, long hose with nozzle, handle with trigger and lock.
Gardena hand sprayer

The user washes the genital area with a sprayer that holds five liters of water. The nozzle is angled and adjustable from jet to fine spray.

Users comments
Helena washes the genital area before going to bed. She fills the hand sprayer with warm water and is lifted up with the ceiling lift. A bucket is placed under in the wheelchair to collect the water.

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Tipsare: Helena

Helena lives together with her husband and two teenage children in a house. She is working part time (75%). Since birth she has a muscular disease with symtoms similar to a high spinal cord lesion. She has personal assistance 24 hours a day.