Individually adapted manual wheelchair in titanium

Good ergonomics and light weight facilitate driving and reduce the burden on shoulders
The user with her individually adapted wheelchair
The user with her individually adapted wheelchair

A lightweight manual active chair in titanium, customized for the needs of each user to achieve an ergonomically correct sitting position, good drivability, and low weight. The chair has a hard seat and an individually adapted hard back. The user’s chair weighs 4.52 kg; the chassis alone weighs 3 kg.

Model: Ergo drive (now called TiArrow)

Users comments
The user received the wheelchair from the manufacturer as a test chair. She is extremely satisfied with the chair. It is easy to drive and makes a big difference for her shoulders. It is easy for her to get in and out of the car. The hard seat prevents it from becoming a ‘hammock’ and the large support surface from below enhances the cushion properties.
The frontwheels are easy to clean; the wheel can be removed with just a wrench.

The chair is extremely durable; the user has had it for 5 years and it still feels like it’s brand new.

Stockholm and a few other county councils in Sweden offer Free Choice for certain assistive devices, which allows the user to choose a different product than what the healthcare authorities have in the regular line of products. After consultation with a coordinator the user can get a requisition for a specific assistive device and then buy it from a private supplier/store. With Free Choice users can get a customized Ergo drive or TiArrow Everyday (how the chair is called today, June 2017).

Made by
Vigand Nilsson, tel: +46 (0)8-420 566 73, +46 (0)70-453 96 55

Purchased from
TiArrow in Sweden, (last checked December 2021)

Editors comments
See associated tip for other ways the Ergo drive can be customized for people with impaired hand function.

The user with her individually adapted wheelchair from behind
The user with her individually adapted wheelchair from behind

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Author: Ulla

Ulla bor ihop med sin sambo i en lägenhet. Hon arbetar deltid. Hon skadade sig 1973 och har en hög paraplegi.

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