Surfing gloves that provide more strength

Surf gloves with webbed design provide extra strength for paddling with a surfboard - facilitates surfing for people with disabilities
Surfing glove. Photo: Sebastian Forsén
Surfing glove. Photo: Sebastian Forsén

Surf gloves have a webbed design and are fastened with Velcro around the wrist. They are made of Lycra and shark skin.
They can also be used when swimming.

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Webbing makes it possible to take much more powerful swim strokes.

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Surfing glove. Photo from
Surfing glove. Photo from

Author: Sebastian

Sebastian bor ihop med sambo i en lägenhet. Han arbetar heltid delvis med rehabilitering och delvis med förmedling av anpassade hotell, se Han skadade sig 2003 och har en komplett paraplegi.

Type of disability

Low paraplegia (Th11-S1)

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