Controlling the computer with head mouse and external mouse click

Computer assistive device for people with impaired hand function who type with a head mouse and manage the mouse contact with an external control switch

A computer screen shows an on-screen keyboard, on tops of the screen is a head mouse and on the table there is a switch attached to an angled plastic rail, which holds the switch in an upright position

Computer with on-screen keyboard and keyboard control switch on Kalix brace

The user types on the computer with a head mouse and on-screen keyboard (see related tip). The mouse click is operated with an external control switch that is attached with adhesive Velcro on an angled brace made of plastic, called a “Kalix brace”, which holds a control switch in the upright position. The device is attached to the table with self-adhesive Velcro.

Head mouse model: Trackir, see also checked April 2020).

Users comments
Other head mouse option: Headmouse Nano from Rehab Center, Sweden, (last checked April 2020).

Software is available that provides auditory feedback for each keystroke, ‘noisy keybord’, see (last checked April 2020).

Made by
Occupational therapist Talkraft, Rehab Station Stockholm (Kalix brace)

Purchased from
Rehab Center, (control switch), (head mouse) (last checked April 2020)

Whose idea
The user

Editors comments
For head mouse, see also  and

User presses on control switch attached to Kalix brace

User presses on control switch attached to Kalix brace

Kalix brace with control switch (close-up)

Kalix brace with control switch

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Personen bor ihop med fru och barn i villa. Han arbetar deltid. Han skadade sig 1975 och har en hög tetraplegi (C5). Genom hand-kirurgi fick han bättre greppfunktion i båda händer. Han har personlig assistans 7 timmar om dagen. (Avliden 2024)

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