Gliding Club for everyone

A gliding club where even people with disabilities can fly
Modified two-seat glider, ASK21. Photo from
Modified two-seat glider, ASK21. Photo from

“Gliding for everyone” is a non-profit sports association that works to make gliding accessible to everyone. The club has a two-seat glider (ASK21) adapted for manual control (see attached tip), so that people with disabilities can fly and take their pilot certificate. They arrange gliding days for people with disabilities.

There are two types of membership. Associated membership is for those who do not want, or are unable to take their pilot certificate, but who want to fly as passengers in the back seat.
To become a certified pilot and fly independently they have to be able to get in and out of the plane independently. The facility is accessible and has disabled access toilets.

For more information (in Swedish) see (last checked June 2024).

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