Modified stylus

- enables people with impaired hand function to use an iPad or smartphone

The user presses the stylus pen on the phone. The stylus is attached to the finger orthosis.

User with telephone and stylus holder

A stylus pen attached to a finger orthosis that holds the middle and ring fingers together and stretched at the two distal joints.

Users comments
Since the user can keep his hand mostly relaxed with the palm facing downwards, he developed a stylus holder that makes it possible to write with the hand in this position.

Made by
The user’s personal assistant

Whose idea
The user

Stylus holder (close-up)

Stylus holder

Author: Göran

Göran bor med sin familj i en villa. Han arbetar deltid. Sedan 2014 har han en hög tetraplegi. Han har 23 timmars personlig assistans dagligen.

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