Ceiling lift over two floors

Ceiling lift over two floors makes it possible for a person with extensive disabilities to sleep in the loft

From a loft, the lifting belt is suspended from a ceiling lift down to the floor below.  Next to it is a staircase.

Ceiling lift to loft bedroom

Helena lives in a two-story house with a loft. She and her husband sleep in the loft. To get there they installed a ceiling lift that goes over two floors. For safety, they chose to use two ceiling lift motors that run in the same ceiling track and that lift simultaneously. Both lift straps sit on one hanger.

The loft has a fence with a gate that allows the user to enter the loft.

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They enhanced safety by using two lift motors. If one motor should break down, it can be disconnected and the other one can be used alone.

Helena’s husband installed the ceiling lift.

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The ceiling lift is no longer made, but similar models are available from suppliers such as Hillrom, hillrom.com/en-us/ (last checked March 2020)

The loft is secured by a fence with a gate. The gate is open and provides space for the ceiling lift.

Ceiling lift goes through gate to loft

The loft with bed. Above the bed runs the ceiling rail with 2 lifting engines.

Ceiling lift above loft bed

Ceiling track with two lift engines. (close-up)

Two lift engines run in ceiling track

Helena's husband helps her to use the ceiling lift.

Helena’s husband helps her to use the ceiling lift

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Author: Helena

Helena bor tillsammans med sin make och två tonårsbarn i en villa. Hon arbetar 75%. Sedan födsel har hon en sjukdom (spinal muskelatrofi) motsvarande en hög ryggmärgsskada. Hon har personlig assistans dygnet runt.

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