Hinged benches

Folding seats increase space on accessible boat for wheelchair users

Folding bench
Folding bench

Folding seats along the sides at the stern in adapted boat, see associated tip.

Users comments
If many seats are needed, a three-seat bench can be installed in the stern of the boat as an option.

Purchased from
Hanterbara Båtar AB, hanterbarabatar.se (in Swedish) (last checked October 2021)

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Tipsare: Jonas

Jonas is the founder of Sveriges Funktionshindrades Frilufts och Fiskeföreningen (Sweden Recreation and Fishing Association for People with Disabilities) sverigesfff.se/det-har-ar-sfff/. He also is the co-founder of Hanterbara Båtar AB, www.hanterbarabatar.se a company building accessible boats. He was injured in 2002 and has a complete paraglegia. He does not have any assistance.